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Ian Somerhalder is perfection….Just putting it out there lol

How beautiful did Nina look last night

How beautiful did Nina look last night

So hot :)

So hot :)

Cannot wait for The Vampire Daires, from previews season 4 looks like it’ll be AMAZING

Vampire Diaries is getting so close. I cannot wait for Season 4, I’m sure it will be AMAZING.

6 TV shows

TV Show Challenge

Choose your top 6 TV shows:

  1. Vampire Diaries
  2. Glee
  3. Pretty Little Liars
  4. Big Bang Theory
  5. Gossip Girl
  6. New Girl

The first character I fell in love with:

  1. Stefan
  2. Kurt
  3. Aria
  4. Penny
  5. Dan
  6. Jess

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:

  1. Damon
  2. Rachel
  3. Toby
  4. Sheldon
  5. Nate
  6. Schmidt

The character I can’t stand:

  1. Elena
  2. Will
  3. Jenna
  4. Pria
  5. Jenny
  6. Nick

The character I’m most like:

  1. Caroline
  2. Santana
  3. Hannah
  4. Sheldon
  5. Vanessa
  6. Jess

The character I’d slap:

  1. Elena
  2. Will
  3. Mona
  4. Pria
  5. Jenny
  6. Nick

Who are my 3 favourite characters from each show in order?

  1. Damon, Caroline, Jeremy
  2. Rachel, Kurt, Santana
  3. Aria, Hannah, Spencer
  4. Sheldon, Leonard, Penny
  5. Nate, Blair, Chuck
  6. Schmidt, Winston, CeCe

Found out Vampire Diaries Season 3 comes out on my birthday. Fucking awesome way to spend the day :)

Just finished watching Glee and omg it had me bawling. As much as I loved the finale it turned into the Rachel Berry finale in my opinion :/